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Buy, Sell, Trade.

Metal Merch
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Metal merchandise
This community was created as an independent extension of hc_merch. Here you can advertise merchandise that you're looking for, wishing to sell, or want to trade. Also feel free to post links to sites that sell good metal merch. Created by sadiscord.

-Hangar 19 - shirts, hoodies, and buttons of crust, metal, and punk bands
-Warlord Clothing - Shirts and such in good sizes of many underground metal bands

09/06/06: I rarely check/maintain this community anymore; the feedback option is pretty much gone. Feel free to post metal-related on stuff on here if you want.

07/12/08: It still exists! After three years people are still using this thing. I removed all the random info from here and what not. I'm done really looking at this page anymore, but people are still free to use it to post whatever.

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